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Contract Welding

For prototype, pre-production, or specialty production weldments, consider GVSW Ltd. as your weld processing services partner.

Short or long production runs, small or large quantities, we strive to contribute to your production of a quality product produced efficiently, accurately and consistently on time.

We are able to develop and utilize a multitude of weld procedures, process and inspection fixtures to aid in efficient and accurate production by our highly skilled staff.

Custom Welding

Weld processing to your specifications and criteria.

We will add our welding skills, experience and processing capabilities to assist in realizing your custom components completion.

Whether it is fitting and welding, hardfacing, wearfacing, bronze overlay etc. of your component, be assured that our staff are committed to combine efficiency with quality to add value and assist in the production of your components in a timely manner.

Repair Welding

GVSW Ltd. is renowned for developing successful techniques and procedures for accurate, precise weld repair and refurbishment of a wide range metals and components with superior quality.

The replacement of metal components for machines and equipment can be expensive and time prohibitive. Additionally, some machines have become obsolete and/or remodeled to the point where finding replacement parts may be impossible. With our expertise, many of these damaged components can be successfully welded to “like new” condition, modified or customized.

GVSW Ltd. has developed a reputation for our ability to repair cracks and defects, restore dimensions to strict tolerances, repair excessive wear, renew cutting edges, add material where tooling changes are required, shaft overlays and build ups, bearing bore inlays, material upgrades, and wearfacing.

A multiple of considerations are taken into account prior to development and implementation of a repair weld procedure. They may include hardness, post-weld heat treatment (ie: through hardening, tempering, stress relieving, nitriding, carburizing, flame hardening etc.), distortion control, chromium or other types of plating, anodizing, colour match, colour control, etching, pressure, vaccum, heat, corrosion, erosion, impact, wear, strength, ductibility, magnetisum, or coefficient of friction.

These are some of the considerations taken into account when we develop a repair weld procedure.

Dave Jauhal of Grand Valley Specialty Welding Ltd. published an article for the Canadian Welding Association Journal - Considering a Repair Weld?

Process Equipment and Capability
  • Microlaser Welding
  • Micro Gas Tungsten Arc Welding - Pulse
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – Pulse
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding – Pulse
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Brazing
  • Metallizing
  • Multiple Rotary Positioner Manipulators (10,000 lb. maximum)
  • Controlled Atmosphere Chambers for welding Reactive Metals
  • Crane Capability – 10 ton maximum
  • Induction Heat Capability (10 ton maximum)
  • Infrared Gas Heaters
  • 5 Axis Robotic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Modern 12,000 sq. ft. climate controlled plant
  • Dock level and ground level shipping/receiving
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